Macomb County, Michigan
Ostomy Association

Specialized Focus Support Groups

These are "virtual" groups affiliated with the U.O.A.A., staying in touch electronically through email and chat rooms.

Pull-Thru Network
Pull-thru Network is a non-profit organization formed by, and for, the families of children born with an anorectal, colorectal, or urogenital disorder and any of the associated diagnoses.  These diagnoses include, but are not limited to, Imperforate Anus, Cloacal Exstrophy, Anal Stenosis, Bladder Exstrophy, Cloaca, VACTERL/VATER Association, or Hischsprung's Disease.

30+ Network
The 30+ Network exists to meet the needs of ostomy and bowel/bladder diversion patients in their 30s, 40s, and even in their 50s.  30+ recognizes that people with ostomies in this phase of their lives, are concerned about dating, marrying, divorcing, traveling, career, starting a family, raising children, or fulfilling the role of caretaker for aging parents.
            Join the 30+ Network:
Send your name, address, phone number, email address, age, date and reason for surgery.  ALL INFORMATION IS KEPT CONFIDENTIAL AND WILL NEVER BE PROVIDED TO ANYONE.

Continent Diversion Network
The Continental Diversion Network (CDN) is a surgery support group of people who have or will have bowel or urinary diversion surgery resulting in a continent pouch or reservoir.  They provide information through one-to-one support through the exchange of emails and phone calls.

GLO Network
GayLesbianOstomates (GLO) is an association of ostomates that happen to be gay or lesbian.  They produce a quarterly newsletter and have their own website and email address.